How Rubber Playground Flooring Can Save You a Ton of Time in the Future

Rubber playground flooring by Softline Solutions really is something to be marvelled at. There are so many benefits to getting it installed and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to really get a good result out of it as well. If you are concerned because you aren’t quite sure if rubber is right for you, then take a look below to see how it could save you a ton of time and money.

It’s Easy to Clean
Rubber is quite possibly one of the easiest playground surfaces to clean. When the time does come for you to clean it, all you have to do is give it a good jet-wash or you can even just wipe it over with some hot soap and water. This is one of the many benefits you get and it won’t need re-surfacing every now and again like tarmac or black-top.

It’s Quick to Install
Rubber can be poured, and this means that it can easily be put just about anywhere you want and in any design as well. It won’t take long to set and when it is hard, it is able to withstand a huge range of weather conditions. It is completely absorbent and it is one of the safest surfaces you can install for the kids.

It’s an Investment
Rubber flooring really is an investment for the future. When you do have your flooring installed, you won’t have to spend endless times worrying about how hot it is going to get in summer, or how slippery it is going to get in winter. You can also build for the future by utilising the latest materials and methods as well, so you know that you won’t have any problems there.

How Colors in the Office Can Affect Mood and Productivity

A world without colors is unimaginable. Everything in the universe would be dull and lifeless if there were no colors. Colours add significance and play an important role in our lives. Every color has its own distinct psychological effect on our mood. They can influence any emotion ranging from harmony to anger. Though we may not realize it, colors have a plenty of influence on our daily lives. Researchers in the field of behavioral sciences have begun to take color coding seriously. So, no matter where we are, whether at home or at work, colors play an essential role that cannot be denied.

Working in an office is not an easy job. The workplace is filled with different temperaments, often there are small and petty arguments between staff members. The boss might be in a bad mood and there can be other factors as well. Stress from workload makes one irritated and lowers the productivity level. However, researchers have revealed that the color scheme of the office, desktop, and clothes of the employees plays an important role in affecting the mood and productivity.

Colours to Use in an Office

In 1999, a research was carried out at CDI Spaces where it was proven that the colors have a major influence on the worker’s efficiency level and their emotions. Whether it’s the walls, desktops or the formal attire of the employees, the following colors are the finest choices for an office:

Blue is one of the coolest colors for an office, and it is considered as the number one choice among traditional office environments. Studies have shown that blue is a tranquil color, and is connected with intelligence. A mind that is relaxed can maximize the concentration level on various office tasks. This color is universally liked since it improves mental clarity. Light blue is highly recommended because it enhances the productivity levels of the employees in an office. Blue color depicts a calm authority and inspires trust building amongst office members.   It boosts the mood and brings calamity that makes it easier for someone to get along with the co-workers.

Green signifies growth and it is signified with nature. It gives the office employees the feeling of working in a soothing environment. It relieves the mind from anxiety and helps regain an emotional balance. If the walls of the office are not green then its best to have a green desktop since the office work is mostly related to sitting in front of computers for many hours. This color has the least amount of strain to the eyes which allows one to concentrate more on their office work for a longer period of time. Also, it is eye-catching to have a few mini- plants in the office. It gives a nurturing environment to an office.

Yellow is a highly recommended color for an office because it is more lively and full of energy. It is a happy color, full of hope and enthusiasm. Yellow color encourages communication and creates an environment in which no employee will feel left out in any discussion. This will increase office productivity and create a dynamic environment. This color will improve communication between employees, and encourage critical thinking. The yellow color is best used in a creative environment, so it is recommended to have this color for at least one room in the office where employees sit together to work on innovative ideas.

Colors Not to Use for an Office

There are certain colors that should be avoided in an office as they have a negative effect on the working environment:

The gray color is not a suitable choice for an office. Dull colors such as gray create monotony and make the employees feel lazy which in turn makes them unproductive.

Red is a bold and charming color. However, it is not suited for offices at all. Red makes us breathe faster and it increases the heart rate.

Everyone has their own personal choice in selecting colors they would like to see in an office. However, the three primary colors green, blue and yellow are the perfect choice for an office. Combinations of these three colors allow employees to work at their level best and strive to achieve more. Plenty of thought should be given in choosing colors as it has a huge impact on an office environment.


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Preparing for, and Caring for Newly Planted Trees

Before you plant, know your Zone number
No plant or tree will live very long unless you prepare in advance. Each zone has a number, you should find out what your number is. Check on the internet, with garden books, and your local nursery,who sell shrubs and trees, to find the zone and trees that will live comfortably in your area. If the soil in your yard is not suitable, get amended it by purchasing soil suited for the tree. Many of you larger home and garden centers carry a wide variety of soils including soil for trees.

Fertilizing and Size of hole
Roger Cook, the landscaping contractor of This Old Housemixes “superphosphate and 3-4-3 fertilizer in the soil pile” that he has off to one side. Read the instructions on the bag so it is correct for the size of tree being planted. “Measure the height of the root ball and subtract 2 inches. For example, if the root ball is 3 feet high (36 inches) then dig the hole only 34 inches down. Make sure you put the hole depth and width on paper. “Measure the diameter of the root ball and dig the hole 2 to 3 times the size of the root ball.”Cook talks about the root flare. “Carefully remove the soil from the top of the root ball. The flare is where the trunk spreads out into the individual roots.” Now you can start digging.

“The most common mistake when planting a tree is a digging hole, which is both too deep and too narrow.” Says Paul Arsenault from office furniture experts, CDI Spaces.

Don’t overlook releasing the roots. With flowers you can use your fingers to break up the root and help it not to be root-bound or ‘pot-bound’ as my mother would call it. With a tree roots it takes more effort and time. By using a hand held cultivator, also known as a garden cultivator, it might do the trick. This tool has three curved prongs on it. Gently pull away some of the soil and release some of the roots on all sides. You are trying to release them a little so they can grow away from the root ball.

Mulching, Watering, and Pruning
Mulch helps to keep the moisture in but too much can be harmful.Cook says to “spread 3 inches of bark mulch over the exposed dirt around the tree,” and he warns “to keep it way from the tree trunk. Know your area. Is it prone to drought? Then give your tree more water. Is it a high moisture area? Then give it less.” Cook says to water you’re newly planted tree for two years. The Abor Day foundation mentions watering “for 30 seconds with a steady stream of water from a garden hose that has a diffuser nozzle. Move the trowel back and forth to create a small narrow trench. Then use your finger to touch the soil. If it is moist to the touch then they do not need water.” Water it for the first 3 years. When it comes to pruning, thee general rule of thumb is to prune in the winter.If you have dead branches you can prune anytime. If your uncertain about pruning, then check the internet, gardening books, and/or your local nursery to be sure.

How to Find a Good Botox Injector in Edmonton

How To Pick A Botox Injector Who Will Be The Right Fit For You

Wrinkles and skin lines come hand in hand with age. However, not everyone wants to feel the creeping effects of aging and will do their best to hide the signs of aging. The most prominent signs are visible on the face, and that’s where most of the attention goes. More people are turning to Botox treatment to get rid of their aging signs. Botox treatment has grown significantly to become one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Although Botox injections doesn’t require surgery, there are risks associated with it. To prevent accidents and unwanted results, finding a good botox injector is crucial. In this article, you will learn how to find out a great Botox injector.

1. A qualified, experienced doctor can significantly reduce the risks, enhance the Botox experience and provide the best results from the treatment. All licensed physicians are eligible to inject Botox into you. However, choosing a dermatologist for the job is preferable if you want to reduce the wrinkled muscles of your face and give it a revitalised look. Since dermatologists deal with skin issues, they are the best-equipped personnel for the job. Their experience with skin problems will be an added security in your treatment process. For issues such as a lazy eye or neck spasms, other doctors like orthopedists and ophthalmologists are also suitable.

2. Narrow your choices down using the web or yellow page directories. Make a short list of specialists in your general vicinity who work at reputable institutions and publicize that they offer Botox injections. Check on their cosmetic medicine background and ask whether they have the training and experience in applying Botulinum Toxin Injections. If you require Botox injections to the face, try going for someone who is familiar with facial anatomy and aesthetics. Family and friends recommendations are also worth checking out.

3. Be sure to know what you’re getting into. Spend time on the internet, researching the names of your shortlist candidates. Focus on their state medical associations and boards. You should look out for any instances where their licenses have been revoked, or they have faced malpractice claims. Prioritize the doctors who have a clean slate without these red flags. You can also inquire about these allegations to know whether the malpractice claims were true or not.

4. You can also learn a lot about the quality of services provided by these doctors by checking the testimonials, reviews and social media reactions from their previous clients. See what they are saying about his service and treatment of the patients. You should be able to weigh the positives against the negatives and decide when something is tipping the scales. Eliminate the candidates who have more bad press than you like. One thing you should remember is that people are less prone to write online when the process has been successful compared to when the process isn’t. That means, a lot of satisfied clients often don’t bother to write reviews, creating a bias.

5. Once you’re down to the last few candidates, it’s time to book a consultation with each of them to get a feel for their services. Meet them and notice how they are treating your case. You’d want to avoid the ones who seem impersonal, busy or money-focused. Talk about your expectations, see samples of their previous Botox procedures and talk about the dose strength for you. When everything is finalized, ask about the total price of the services and what it includes. If you’re satisfied, ask them for a possible date of the actual procedure.

Make sure you do your research and choose the right Botox injector for you, rather than going into the procedure half-prepared.